Yinnete Tatiana Molina Salas, the 19 year old shot dead Monday morning in Escazú. Photo: Jorge Navarro, La Nacion
Yinnete Tatiana Molina Salas, the 19 year old shot dead Monday morning in Escazú. Photo: Jorge Navarro, La Nacion

QCOSTARICA – Jealousy ended the life of 19-year-old Yinnette Tatiana MoLina Salas, found Monday morning with a bullet to her chest at the home of the (former) boyfriend she had tried to stay away for months, in Calle El Curio, in San Antonio de Escazú.

Two days before Yinnette was found dead, the suspect wrote on WhatsApp, “how amazing when your princess decides to be the bitch of another…” (sic).

The jealous man, a 22-year-old identified by his last name, Meneses, is on the run from police.

Family members told La Nacion that he was controlling, “he told her how to dress and got angry if she didn’t answer the phone.”

The story of Yinnette’s path to death started a year before, when she was 18, leaving the family home to go live with the man who is suspected of taking her life.

The family says that, before she left home, she didn’t party, drink or do drugs. The past half year both were convinced of rehab for their abuses. The family, to ensure Yinnette’s safety and recuperation had her admitted to a centre where she spent months. On leaving the centre a few months back, she was on the path of recovery, meeting new people and staying away from her addiction and former boyfriend.

But, he kept calling, seeking her out. Insisting.

When neighbours heard the shots in the early hours of Monday morning they weren’t surprised of what they soon would learn had happened or that he was gone by the time police arrived.

“My sister said she was afraid, asking for our help,” a relative told La Nacion.

The home in San Antonio de Escazú where the young woman’s body was found with a bullet to her chest. Photo: Jorge Navarro, La Nacion

“Yinnette was clean, doping tests confirme and she controlled herself”, said the relative who spoke on the basis of anonymity.

A few days leading up to the fateful Monday morning, on Saturday, Yinnette had asked her family’s permission to spend the weekend with a friend in Desamparados. The family agreed after they confirmed with the friend’s parents.

However, they do not know how she ended up at the home of the suspect, where she had lived with hime for some time, According to the family and neighbours he was always armed.

In 2014, seven women died at the  hands of men with possessive behaviours (jealousy) and five others for sexual assault.

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