johnny-araya-mongeIn a surprise announcement Friday night, PLN presidential candidate, Johnny Araya threw in the towel, withrdrawing from the presidential race.

The man who was pegged as being the country’s next president and a leader in the polls will not be taking part in the February elections.

A source not so close to Araya told the Q that differences with and within his own party led to the surprise move. According to the source, Araya is fed up with the constant criticism and lack of support for his proposals and political ideas.

Araya is also said to be disappointed that his “Contrateme” (Hire Me) campaign did not go as planned.

The PLN party has yet to announce a replacement for Johnny.

If you have gotten this far you will have probably figured it out, this is a “Dia de los Inocentes” article. Throughout Latin America, the Dia de los Inocentes – a kind of April Fool’s Day in in the United States and Canada –  is played out.

The December 28th day of practical jokes has it roots in Spain,  a religious holiday named in honour of the young children who were slaughtered by order of King Herod around the time of Jesus’ birth. These young victims were called Santos Inocentes or “Holy Innocents” because they were too young and innocent to have committed any sins. Although the feast remains on the Catholic Liturgical calendar, today the religious aspect has been almost forgotten and the pranks that became popular during the Middle Ages have been combined with winter festivities of pagan origin.

Today most in Latin America play simple pranks!

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