Vice-presidential candidate for the  Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN), Jorge Pattoni, was on Wednesday appointed the “official” leader of the political party for the balance of the 2014 election campaign, that ends with a run-off vote on Sunday, April 6.

pattoni-joregePattoni is the first vice-president nominee of presidential candidate Johnny Araya.

Despite his withdrawl from election campaigning, Araya cannot resign as presidential candidate and his name continues on the voting ballot and can even be elected president. If elected he is under no legal obligation to resign the presidency. And if he were to do so, by rules of succession, Pattoni would assume the presidency.

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The nomination of Pattoni was confirmed by PLN party president, Bernal Jiménez.  Jiménez added that Pattoni will commence his tour of the country, seeking votes for the party, on Monday.

On Tuesday, Pattoni had rejected the PLN offer to head the campaign, pick up where Araya left off last week.,

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