(QCOSTARICA) During a meeting of the heads of the supreme powers, a proposal was presented in which judicial employees, including judges, will be periodically evaluated and in failing three consecutive evaluations, will be subject to dismissal.

The president of the Supreme Court (Corte Suprema de Jusitica), Zarela Villanueva, said the evaluations will be defined by each of the judicial bodies, with the aim of improving the work of public officials and their efficiency in serving the public.

In the case of judges, they must submit an annual report to the Full Court of their work and in compliance with the provisions of the country’s Constitution.

Judges who get a failing grade will be expected to improve their performance in the coming period. If no improvement is seen they would be subject to removal.  Judges removed from the bench could be eligible for reinstatement after five years. Currently, a judge is not permitted if removed for disciplinary actions.

Under the proposal, officials cannot refuse to be evaluated or receive training to improve their performance.

The proposal also aims to reward officials who receive an excellent evaluation with benefits such as moving to the head of the list for scholarships, positions as teachers in the Judicial school, priority in transfers and opt for tele-work, among other benefits.

The proposal also provides for the creation of a special judicial body to deal with organized crime and drug trafficking, providing the Judiciary the procedural tools to improve investigations.

Villanueva did not specify if the proposal would be welcomed by the Legislative Assembly and if so, when it would be presented for discussion.

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