(qCOSTARICA) In Guanacaste on Saturday, President Luis Guillermo Solis signed a decree establishing July 25 “Dia de la Marimba”, recognizing the heritage value of the traditional Guanacaste instrument.

The purpose of the decree is to recognize the marimba inherited from generation to generation among Guanacaste families.

In addition it is intended to encourage Guanacaste’s young to learn to play and craft the marimba, preserving the tradition.

Thus, from now on July 25 will in addition to being a national holiday, the  annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica, Costa Ricans will be honour its music heritage.

Watch the video Ministra de Cultura (minister Culture), Sylvie Durán, explains the decision.

The decree was signed during the cabinet meeting traditionally held in Nicoya every July 25th, ending the President’s week tour of the province.

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