Jeffrey Zamora

Q EXTRA – Worries that the Monday afternoon rains would damper the mood at the National Stadium in La Sabana dried up, as the rains let up and “the Bieb” took the stage, before an audience so varied in ages, with totally different perspectives in life, gathered in one place and willing to surrender their soul before the young Canadian superstar.

Justing Bieber’s influence is so great that, since 2013, he has been the only artist who has been able to use pyrotechnics at the stadium, after a notorious event at the inauguration of the Central American Games.

Since, except for last night, has been able to set the house of fire. And for the sake of his followers.

The mood inside the National Stadium could be described euphoric. The excitement and ecstasy of seeing a top international star, whoever you like was impressive.

Big names like Madonna and Lady Gaga, to name two, have taken to the National Stadium. But seldom does the opportunity to hear a world idol sing live and at the climax of his career, to watch him dance live, near or far.

Comments on the social media described how the collective hysteria was felt from early around the stadium, but nothing could compare with the reaction when the Canadian stepped on stage; Nor does the insanity.

The night began with a warm up by the Tico Dj, Bartosz Brenes, who was in charge of preparing the pitch for Bieber. He played for 45 minutes and then accompanied by the saxophonist Fede Granados, of the Infibeat group.

At the National Stadium in La Sabana, April 24, 2017, Justin Bieber concert. Photo Jeffrey Zamora

Just Justin. At 7:25pm, with a surprising punctuality-especially because the torrential rain of the afternoon in La Sabana threatened to delay the show – “the Bieb” jumped on stage to the thousands waiting. Bieber did not use the glass box he has worn during his world tour, but it was not necessary; So, with nothing to hide it, he felt closer to his audience.

Igniting his Tico fans, to say one last goodbye, Justin Bieber returned on stage in a Deportivo Saprissa jersey. The Saprissa is Costa Rica’s national soccer (futbol) champions.

Justin Bieber in a Deportivo Saprissa jersey while singing ‘Sorry’ (Photo Luciana Ortiz)

The excitement was such that in the final piece, “Sorry”‘ Justin showed without a hint of regret that there was a track behind his voice. On several occaions, as the artist became silent, the lyrics continued . But at that point of the “party” no one cared.

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