Some people have just too much free time on their hands, free time to post ‘sexi’ photos on social media and criticize spelling, grammar and well, anything to fill the void.

The latest is the screw up by former Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos, who posted on Twitter that the word ‘habrán’ does not exist. See what I mean, come on now.

But that’s not all. In her Tweet she misspelled “es que”, writing it as one word “esque”. Again, who cares?

Of course, the curvy, sexy ex-miss tried to delete the Tweet, but by then it had been copied and re-Tweeted be even more who also have lots of time on their hands.

A tirade of Tweets ensued.

But, we can take comfort that all that Karina has to do is post on her Instagram a new sexy photo and all will be forgotten and forgiven.


Source: Costa Rica Confidential

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