Such is life. Su much that Keyla Sanchez has been in to the world of fútbol (soccer) and many have noticed that in the end it shows that she does not know much about the subject.

Keyla Sánchez needs to brush up her futbol (soccer) with the World Cup around the corner. Photo Instagram

In Teletica’s ‘Revista Mundialista’ it is clear that she has trouble talking about the issue and more when it comes to pronouncing names of players that are a bit complicated.

Although Keyla has always bluffed her way through wherever he goes, however, we see this time she is suffering despite having a solution in her arms.

She could get help from the well known Saprissa star, David Ramírez, her boyfriend, to update together in names, data and all about the game, especially now that the ‘Mundial’ (World Cup) is around the corner.

Source (in Spanish): La Teja

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