New KFC concept that will b
The San Rafael de Escazu is one of current two of the new KFC restaurant concept in Costa Rica.

QCOSTARICA – Third on the list of places that people prefer to visit when they eat fast food, behind McDonald’s and Taco Bell, KFC has a new owner.

This is not the first time that the local control of the franchise changes hands, and the new operator comes with a varied menu of objectives including updating the fast food rastaurant’s operating concept, increase sales and further expand its presence in the country.

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Other QSR brands in Costa Rica: Quiznos, Smasburger, Cinnabon and Teriyaki

[/su_pullquote]Ealier this month, the Mexican group Inversor Intelectiva firmed up the deal to buy the operation from QSR International, that had developed the brand in Costa Rica for the last 21 years.

One of the major changes to be made by the new owner is to implement, in all branches operating in the country, the model used worldwide by KFC, called In Store Prepared (ISP). The new model is already operaring in San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados and in San Rafael de Escazú.

The new owners will also be looking to give KFC a fresh, contemporary and welcoming image through the use of flat screens, digital wireless system and a play area for children, among others.

Intelectiva also plans to open five new restaurants between 2015 and 2016. KFC already operates 33 restaurants across the country.  “We are committed and every year we will be investing in new stores,” said Roberto González, president of Intelectiva.

Gonzalez told, “… ‘I am not worried about, nor do I think there is saturation. I think those who are closing their doors have problems with management and operation, rather than with the market and consumption.'”

In this way it matches the criteria of some of its competitors, as Popeyes and Rostipollos, which also are moving forward with its expansion plans.

The president added that the Mexican firm will work hard to give added value by creating promotions that fit the needs of their customers. Another aspect in which it will seek to improve customer service and constantly offer new products according to the taste of its visitors.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) brand in Costa Rica emerged in 1970, when it
opened the first store in  on Paseo Colon, followed up with stores on Avenida Segunda, Barrio La California, San Pedro and Avenida 3.

In 1994, QSR International acquired the rights to the KFC franchise for Costa Rica. QSR also has the rights in other Latin American countries.

In August 2015, the brand decided to renew some of its most iconic products; including the Twisters Wraps and Sandwiches Colonel. They argued that the public requested.

In September 2015, QSR announces the completion of the sale to Intelectiva and transfer the rights to the franchise in Costa Rica to the Mexican investors.


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