The Spanish language daily, La Nacion is sparing us all with the announcement that will NOT publish the latest voter poll it commissioned from Unimer, so as not to confuse the voters. The publication said it notified Unimer last week to cancel the results of the latest poll, according to the newspaper’s editorial published this morning.

[quote]”The decision reflects our belief that, in the special circumstances of this election, we do nothing more for civic process and much in malicious speculation”, says the editorial.[/quote]

According to Yanancy Noguera, the poll was scheduled to be published on Wednesday, the last before the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) – elections tribunal – ban on all politicking leading up to the vote day on Sunday, February 2.

Yanancy Noguera, director of La Nacion
Yanancy Noguera, director of La Nacion

Noguera said last December La Nacion  commissioned Unimer for two surveys with respect to the elections, to be published in January, with the last results being available ahead of the Wednesday’s date, but that was not possible.

The first results were published on January 15th, where presidential candidates, Johnny Araya (PLN), Otto Guevara (Movimiento Liberario) and José María Villalta (Frente Amplio) were in a “technical” draw.

The elections rules call for a winner to obtain at least 40% of the vote to avoid a second round. In the January 15 poll, Villalta scored 22.2%, Araya 20.3% and Guevara 20.3%. In fourth place was Luis Guillermo Solís (PAC) with 5.5%, and Rodolfo Piza (PUSC) with 3.6%. The other eigh candidates had results lower results.

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