La Paz Bridge To Be Rebuilt

Photo credit: Ministerio de Seguridad Pubica
Photo credit: Ministerio de Seguridad Pubica

The Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes (MOPT) will be replacing the bridge that was washed out Monday in La Paz, near Vara Blanca, this time at a higher elevation to avoid rising river waters.

The work will start by the weekend, but it won’t be for at least three weeks until finished, accoring to David Meléndez, director of emergency responses at the MOPT.

The work will include building a new support for the new Bailey bridge and recoving parts of the bridge washed a way by the force of the water Monday afternoon.

In the meantime, traffic from Vara Blanca to Cinchona is by way of Ruta 32 (San José to Guapiles to Sarapiquí) or by San Ramón to Sarapiquí.

The Comision Nacional de Emergenicias (CNE) – national emergency commision – on Tuesday declared a “green alert” due to the heavy rainfall that damaged at least 30 hours in various areas of the country, and relocating about 75 people that have no potable water service.