COSTA RICA NEWS – The train continues to cover victims, the latest a 53 year old woman was hit Saturday morning in the area of the Turrialba bus stop, in barrio Luján, San José.

Photo: Wilberth Hernandez

The women, identified by her last names Valverde Zuñiga, was taken to the Calderón Guardia hospital, where she is in stable condition.

According to reports by Bomberos and eye witnesses, the woman was walking along the train tracks, unaware of the oncoming train.

Similar accidents have occurred over and over, mostly due to people not respecting the train and not using the train tracks as a pedestrian way. One of the reaons, perhaps, is that people are not accustomed to the train and the infrequency of the service. The other reason is the lack of signage, warning people that the train can come at any time.

The commuter train began service in Costa Rica in 2005. Since, service now extends from Belén de Heredia to Pavas to dowtown San José and San Pedro; from San José to Heredia Centro; and from San Pedro to Cartago.

The commuter trains run only weekday morning and afternoon rush hours.

Some of examples of train acicidents include the one at the beginning of March this year, accidents on three consecutive days occurred between the train and vehicles. In one of the accidents, five people were injured.

Last November, a young woman was hit by the train near the Contraloría General de la República, in Sabana Sur. Here, there is a platform and overpass to cross over the train tracks and the highway.

She had to have her legs amputated.

Source: Ahora

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