Zapatón, but in the afternoon the ground gave way due to heavy rains. (Marvin Gamboa
The ground gave way on the road towards Zapatón, Puriscal, Thursday afternoon. Photo: Marvin Gamboa

COSTA RICA NEWS — Several communities in the area of Pursical, southwest of San José, were stranded Thursday after a morning landslide cause by the rains, in the area of Chires.

The towns of Zapatón, Mastatal, San Vicente and Río Negro have no out to San José or Puriscal.

The local emergency committee will be meeting this morning (Friday) to discuss measures to restore access. As of Thursday afternoon, only a couple of metres of road was still standing, the situation worsened with the afternoon and evening rains.

The main sinking was at the crossroads of Concepción to the Zapatón Indigenous Reservation.

Last week, a landslide in the area of Cebatana de Puriscal closed that main road until further notice.

Source: La Nacion

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