If you have stashed away in your sock drawer any of the old ¢5.000 and ¢10.000 notes be aware that today is the last day they have a commercial value, that is can be used as legal currency at retail stores, supermarkets, etc.

Starting tomorrow, January 1, 2013 (or when the banks re-open) the notes can only be exchanged for equal value at banks and financial institutions. And come May 1, 2013 only at the central offices of the Banco Central in downtown San José.

The retirement of the “old” notes completes the process of changing over all the paper money in the country.

Currently, notes come in the following denominations: ¢1.000, ¢2.000, ¢5.000, ¢10.000, ¢20.000 and the rarely seen ¢50.000.

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