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Laura Pausini in Costa Rica: ‘I’m very happy to be here’

(CONFIDENTIAL) A smiling Laura Pausini greeted her fans very briefly on Tuesday after arriving in Costa Rica. They were waiting for her on the outskirts of Televisora de Costa Rica (Teletica channel 7).

The Italian was there for an interview for the second season of Las Paredes Oyen (The Walls Are Listening).

Prior to her interview with Édgar Silva, Pausini says she is very happy to visit the country presenting her album “Fatti sentire” (‘Hazte sentir’ in Spanish) and celebrate her 25 years of a successful career; for that reason, she promised a show full of “many things”.

“There will be many things between the first song that I sing and the last one…and of course

I will sing many songs of the new album,” she said.

The Italian artist says she feels very comfortable with the affection of the Ticos, whom she sees, even in her international concerts and with whom she maintains constant

“Many fans have written to me these days telling me that I have to sing everything (…) I’m going to sing them all, I come with a very large repertoire. I will sing La soledad, Amores extraños, Unforgettable,” she assured.

The Pausini show will take place at the National Stadium, in La Sabana, tonight (August 8). The time Pausini performed in Costa Rica was on August 19, 2016.

On a side note, though Pausini erred in Tweet, using the flag of Chile instead of Costa Rica, her fans have forgiven her.

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