Apparently, it pays — a lot — to take to the streets and block traffic three times. The motorcyclists did it (see previous articles) to protest raising their annual circulation permit (marchamos) costs and got that cost reduced 13,000 colones.

On the other hand, car owners stayed home and 41% of them have even already paid their fees. Lawmakers raised their marchamos three thousand colones.

Commentary: It would appear that, as far as the Legislative Assembly is concerned, the cynical old saying is right: No good deed goes unpunished.

The national newspaper La Nacion reported that only 14% of the motorcyclists had paid their marchamos promptly — 24,648 as of Monday out of 175,000.

In contrast, 339,648 car owners have paid. In total, 468,951 have paid promptly out of a total wheeled vehicle population of 1,130,922. The National Insurance Institute (INS) reports that this is 41.8% of the expected total to be paid for compulsory insurance.

This is less than last year when 529,820 had paid by Dec. 19. Perhaps they are thinking that, in Costa Rica, all things come to he who waits.

To test out the theory put forward by our lawmakers, we at this blog intend to do the rest of our Christmas shopping in the afternoon of Dec. 24. Maybe we can catch a bargain or two …

From Fijatevos

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