Legally Carrying A Gun In Costa Rica Is Now Only A “Click” Away


Starting today, Oct 1, with only the ‘click of the mouse’ gun owners can register and obtain a legal permit to carry a firearm in Costa Rica.

image1209871xThe primary objective of the online process is to simplify procedures and avoid lines, according to the Ministro de Seguridad Pública, Mario Zamora Cordero and the director of Gobierno Digital, Alicia Avendaño Rivera.

At the same time, within two years, the process will allow authorities to know exactly how many guns there are in the country and in whose hands they are in.

Although the online process begins today, at least for the next month or so, registration can be done in person at the Dirección de Armamento, located in Sabana Sur.

According to Minister Zamora, the ¢800 million colones investment will “improve the controls of an antiquated system, and for the firs time, track firearms”.

Director Avendaño explained that the Sabana Sur office can handle a maximum of 100 people daily, causing large lines and delays in processing permits.

Despite the online process, there are still various “personal” steps that have to be taken by gun owners, like obtaining a “digital signature” (Digital Signature Law 8454) which can be purchased at the BAC San José, Banco Popular, Banco Nacional, Banco BCT and Gobierno Digital offices and a visit to the psychologist for a mental fitness exam.

Current law in Costa Rica allows a maximum of three weapons per person.

Source: La Nacion