On Tuesday afternoon, in a heated intervention in the Legislative Assembly, the legislator for the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) – National Liberation Party – Ana Karine Niño Gutierrez, said that the country can “ir a la mierda” (go to shit) if the misinformation campaign that has been set up around the country over the Plan Fiscaal (Tax Reform) promoted by the Government is maintained.

Ana Karine Niño Gutierrez

The Legislator was clear, insisting that much of the information circulating in social networks and media are nothing more than “gossip” and “stories that are not real”; reason why she urged her fellow legislator, the media and the government to act responsibly and disseminate truthful and accurate information about the Bill.

“Let’s have a healthy public debate. I want to urge president (Carlos) Alvarado, fellow legislaros and the media, to please hold a public debate as they did when they were campaigning,” said Niño.

“We are not in favor of the plan, we are in favor of the people, and it is important that they understand it.”

“It’s true, there are things in the reform that we do not want there to be, but let’s talk truthfully. Let’s stop sending false information, or it will be by us that this country goes to shit,” concluded the Legislator.

The PLN has been the great ally of the Government in this initiative, since they supported the plan from the Comisión Especial de Plan Fiscal  (Special Commission of Fiscal Plan).

Today, Wednesday, is the 10th consecutive day of the national strike.


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