In the photo, in the area of the Legislative Assembly building in downtown San Jose, despite the sign prohibiting parking, drivers ignore it.

Q COSTA RICA – Legislators have set their sights on “bad parking”, approving on Thursday in first debate, the bill partially reforming the Traffic Law (Ley de Transito) to fine drivers badly parked.

The reform, if it ever reaches final approval, will allow the Traffic Police to fine people who are not in their vehicle and who have parked in a place where they obstruct roads, sidewalks or bicycle paths (ciclovías).

The bill also includes fines imposed on drivers who refuse to undergo an breathalyzer test. The current wording of the law related to the alcohol test makes it virtually impossible to apply.

Another part of reform deals with the transport of sand, stones and other construction materials by light and heavy trucks, Javier Cambronero Arguedas, legislator for the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC), promoted of the reform explained, that the load must be transported in a way that does not cause problems due to fallingo f the vehicle or interferes with the transit of other vehicles. Basically, the reform requires drivers to cover the loads so as they will not fall of the vehicle.

The legislator said the reform aims to prevent accidents, and protect the lives of citizens.

The bill now requires second debate and vote, before it can go into effect. No word on when second vote will occur.

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