COSTA RICA NEWS – President Luis Guillermo Solís will not on Thursday be delivering his first 100 days in office report traditionally delivered Legislative Assembly, given that legislators have shut the doors on the President.

On Monday, after several days of uncertainty and fighting betwwen political parties, the two motions, one to receive the President as he wanted and the other according to parameters by the Liberación Nacional and Movimiento Libertario parties, did not receive the required support.

Neither of the two proposals obtained the required 38 vote for a majority.

President Solís had placed the condition of no questions on his report durin his appearance that would have been on Thursday afternoon. Legislators didn’t like the President’s proposal. PLN legislators said they would be willing to limit their questions to five, the Movimiento Libertarios disagreed, wanting full questioning.

The president of the Legislative Assembly, Henry Mora, is now trying to broker a deal to allow Solís to appear and not be barraged by legisaltors.

Mora called the “closed” door to President Solís as “regreattable”. The legislative head added that any apperance by the President has to be based on ground rules.

One of the bones of contention by legislators is the backroom dealing being done between Mora and the Ministro de la Presidencia, Melvin Jiménez and his deputy minister, Daniel Soley. Legislators want a direct negotiation with President Solís.

Solís had put the muzzle on the legislator questioning, saying legislators of the Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC), the Frente Amplio, the Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC), the Renovación Costarricense and the Movimiento Libertario, wanted a “political debate.”

“The report belongs mainly to the people of Costa Rica…” said Solís in his note of reasoning.

Giving an advance peek at his report, the President said the report will reveal an administration that seeks to combat the inefficiency of public institutions, abusive practices, waste, paralysis and mismanagement of state investment.

The press office at Casa Presidencial said last night that President Solís would anounced today where he will deliver his report on Thursday.

Source: La Nacion; Casa Presidencial

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