“Chinchilla es una mentirosa, una loca”, said Eden Pastora on national television in Nicaragua, while Roverssi called  Pastora “un pendejo”. That was the rhetoric coming from either side of the border on Thursday.

Eden Pastora, Nicaragua's Commander Zero
Eden Pastora, Nicaragua’s Commander Zero

In Managua, Eden Pastora (“Commandante Cero”), in charge of the dredging operations of the Isla Calero/Portiallo called Costa Rica’s presidenta, Laura Chinchilla, “a crazy woman and a liar” for making things up. Pastora reiterated that Nicaragua has not built any canals in the area under dispute with Costa Rica or contravened the measures in place by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Pastora blamed the rain for the run offs that are being shown in photographs by Costa Rica as canals.

In San José, furing the noon time news on Telenoticias, Costa Rica’s communications minister Carlos Roversi, called Pastora “un mentiroso” (a liar) and “a lo Tico, un pendejo” (in Costa Rican slang, an idiot,stupid or dumass or worse, depending on the use).

Roverssi added that the Nicaraguan press has helped to misinform and try to confuse the international community.

“I wish the press in Nicaragua would substantiate and corrobortate what we have’, said Roversi.

Both countries are locked into a dispute over lands near the Caribbean sea, that both country claim theirs. The case was brought before the ICJ, which has to yet to hand down a ruling.

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