Macondo is a fictional town described in Gabriel García Márquez's novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude
Macondo is a fictional town described in Gabriel García Márquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude

TODAY COLOMBIA – A map of legendary Macondo with its swamps and mountains, receives visitors at the pavilion dedicated to honor the mythical town of A Hundred Years of Solitude by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the largest literary feast of this capital.

Inspired by Gabo’s imagination, tbe International Book Fair of Bogota dedicated a space of three thousand square meters to recall passages of the novel by the narrator and journalikst.

Under soft lights, tne great hall recalls icons of the story on the Buendia clan, as the family home, the yellow butterflies that fluttered all through the región, the tomb of the gypsy Melquiades and his inventions: the magnet and the spyglass.

The memory machine is another of the allusions of the exhibit, where every day go hundreds of persons interested to touch with their hands that creation of the Macondo environment.

There are also in that scenario the goldfish manufactured in his shop byh Colonel Aureliano, the Spanish galleon, the yellow train, the accordeon and the vallenata music.

The pavilion also recalls the lifestory of the journalist and cinema lover, who left annecdotes and affection all throughout the world.

Family pictures of Gabo -one of the most influential figures of universal literatura, from his early childhood, images together with personalities of the artistic and political world appear in the exhibition, planned in a circular form by its curators.

The sample includes pictures as him being a reporter for dailies El Espectador, El Universal, the Cuban News Agency Prensa Latina and a special edition of A Hundred Years of Solitude published in 2007.

The Fair opened on April 21 and will close on May 4, after two weeks rendering tribute to Garcia Marquez, deceased a year ago in Mexico, victim of cancer.-

The recreation of Macondo helped to emerge chapters and emotions of the novel on that imaginary town, found everywhere in Colombia and Latin America.

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