(QCOSTARICA) Two million kilos of “Mamón Chino” (Rambutan) are produced in the country every year. The colourful and interesting exotic fruit is perhaps one of the most popular snacks in Costa Rica.


Thought to be native to Malaysia, in Costa Rica some 1,600 acres are planted of this fruit, benefiting some 4,000 families.

The Mamón Chino, closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including the Lychee, Longan, and Mamoncill, is a mainstay at farmer’s markets countrywide and roadside fruit stands. It can also be found on the sidewalks of downtown San Jose and the local supermarkets.

However, perhaps the biggest event dedicated to the Mamón Chino is the Rambutan Fair in Cajon de Perez Zeledon, today and tomorrow (Sept. 3 & 4), where you will the freshest fruit and at the cheapest prices.

The Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) estimates the Mamón Chino season will end in late October.

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