” Ryan, was full of emotion last night talking to his 7 month old daughter for the first time (…),” according to the message Ryan Messerschmidt sister’s on the Go Fund Me page. “Ryan feels shocked & grateful to be back in the USA!”.

Ryan Messerschmidt

Ryan, the Antigo, Wisconsin native went missing in Costa Rica early January. According to a message from his sister, Ryan returned home Saturday and is in the hospital. “The next step is to get a complete understanding of Ryan’s condition,” she said.

Previously, the family said Messerschmidt was beaten and tortured. Meanwhile, as this story developed, multiple people who said they encountered Messerschmidt in Costa Rica are countering the family’s take on the matter.

Some have said he acted recklessly in Costa Rica and likely put himself in a compromising position. Nothing new there. Many of the stories of people going missing in Costa Rica have a common thread. This is not to suggest Ryan was up to no good.

Ryan Messerschmidt from Go Fund Me Page

According to the Ryan’s sister, Jamie, her brother went missing at the beginning of January. Ryan had traveled from River Falls to Costa Rica just in time for New Year’s Eve. The family is not saying what really happened to Ryan.

“Doctors today got some results. Ryan had 6 different bacteria’s in his leg in Costa Rica and still has sepsis which is a rare jungle algae infection in his blood. We are waiting for new results for his leg. The doctors are working hard with new plans everyday! Please keep praying!,” said the Go Fund Me update on January 16.

“My brother (Ryan Messerschmidt) is still missing (going on 48 hours) and has been robbed in Costa Rica while traveling alone,” said the the funding page to “help pay for travel expenses for Ryan’s family to fly to Costa Rica and bring him back. To help cover Ryan’s medical expenses while in Costa Rica and when he returns home.”

Raised was US$11,000 from 187 people in just seven days, of the US$20,000 goal created on January 9.




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