(QCOSTARICA) It was 1:30am Thursday when two men on a motorcycle shot a man outside the infamous Hotel Del Rey in downtown San Jose.

According to a report by the Diario Extra, the man, identified as a Fonseca, 45, an area taxi driver, was shot twice in the belly.

The motive for the shooting by allegedly two gun-men, shooting while in motion, is unclear.

Several similar incidents have occurred in the area of the Hotel Del Rey, a night (and day) spot well-known by locals and foreigners as a place for gambling and women offering sexual services in exchange for payment.

The area around the hotel is commonly known as “Gringo Gulch”, an area that includes, in addition to the Del Rey hotel, Key Largo, bars and casinos catering to San Jose’s seedier side of night life.

With notes from the Diario Extra report by Esteban More, photo credit to Mauricio Aguilar

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