162516_620QCOSTARICA – If you are one of the almost 30% of the registered vehicles that have yet not paid their 2015 Marchamo, keep in mind that today is the deadline. In fact, you could say the deadline is at noon, when most of the banks and financial institutions, the main collectors of the Marchamo, close for business.

In some cases, like Walmart and Mas x Menos stores, the Servimas where you can pay the Marchamo will be open until store closing.

Vehicle circulating with the Marchamo 2015 starting on January 1, 2015 face a traffic ticket and/or the possible confiscation of license plates and/or the vehicle itself.

In addition, starting on January 1, the INS – the Institutio Nacional de Seguros, the state agency in charge of calculating the costs of the Marchamo, will start adding a fine and late penalty fees. The penalty and late fees keep rolling until payment. Also, no Marchamo means no vehicle inspection.

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