Tuesday 30 October 2012 | QCosta Rica

In mid-November the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) will launch the annual campaign of collecting the Marchamo, the annual vehicular circulation permit.

The INS has yet to announce if there will be an increase this year as it continues waiting the decision of the  Superintendencia General de Seguros (SUGESE) which is still analyzing the request for a rate increase.

The 2013 Marchamo is due payable by December 31 of each year and unlike in the past decade, there is no grace period as come January 1 drivers on the road without the current Marchamo are subject to a fine.

Interesing that some 51.036 vehicle owners have yet to pay the 2012 Marchamo, of which 21.763 are passenger vehicles, 5.860 light commerical (pick up trucks), 1.964 heavy load vehicles, 19.619 motorcycles, 655 buses and 323 taxis.

The number of unpaid includes vehicles that are no longer in circulation, a result of an accident or repairs are too costly as compared to the value of the vehicle, and have never been unregistered with the national registry. These vehicles continue to pile up the cost of the yearly Marchamo, plus costs like fines and interest and will have to be paid if and when the vehicle is ever made road-worthy.

The annual Marchamo can be paid at more than 1.200 points of sale that includes banks, authorized INS insurace agents and the INS directly. The Marchamo can also be paid online.

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