Protest march of May 1, 20114

QCOSTARICA – Friday, May 1, is Labour Day in Costa Rica. A legal holiday. And a day for protests.

Article 148 of the Labour Code (Código de Trabajo) establishes that nobody can be forced to work on this day, and cannot be fired or reprimanded for refusing to work.

Salaried employees will get the day off.

If an employee accept to work on the day, they are to be paid an additional day salary. Day workers are paid double the normal salary. Any overtime is also on double pay.

The rule applies to all employers, individual or business, regardless of whether they are national, transnational or international.

Business and professional offices and financial institutions close for the day. Most major retailers and supermarkets stay open for the day.

For those who don’t normally work on Saturday or Sunday, this is a long weekend!

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