It is estimated that this year the exports of medical devices – mainly industrial export from Costa Rica – will reach US$3 billion dollars, an increase of 22% over last year.

This growth prompted ten companies medical device manufacturing and exporting companies to join forces and give life to the CR Med Supply Consortium, which was born with the support of Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER), the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (CINDE) and the Chamber of Industries (ICRC),

Smith&Nephew Coyol, Alajuela. CINDE. Photo for illustrative purposes

The new consortium aims to strengthen the projection of Costa Rica at a global level in the manufacture of medical devices, particularly in the United States and Canada and the Caribbean, which, in turn, translates into a greater attraction of foreign investment and an increase in exports.

“The consortium is born as a natural response to the industrial ecosystem of Costa Rica in the face of the boom and the new challenges posed by medical device manufacturing companies, which have found a valuable destination in their operations in Costa Rica,” said Pedro Beirute, general manager of Procomer.

Photo for illustrative purposes

The process of creating CR Med Supply started last February and materialized this month with the official launch and the call to attract more participants.

The companies making up the founding group are: Natvar (Tekiniplex), Okay Industries, Cass, Creativa Industrial, SCM Metrology, Etipres, ElectroPlast, Grupo Vargas, Corbel and Camtronics.

CR Med Supply joins 12 other consortiums what operate with the support of the Procomer:

  1. Costa Rica Food Group (food)
  2. Green Plants (plants)
  3. Flourish (cut flowers)
  4. Aerospace Cluster (aerospace industry)
  5. Chayote (chayote)
  6. Pejibaye (pejibaye and banana)
  7. Global Edu (universities)
  8. Costa Rica Style (Costa Rican fashion and design)
  9. Costa Rica Animation Holding (digital animation)
  10. Educatum (institutes for a university)
  11. CR Biomed (biotechnology)
  12. Central Gate (high technology companies)

The Procomer says the medical device industry is one of the most dynamic in investment in Costa Rica and this year several international companies have announced their arrival and expansion plans.

Edwards Lifesciences (located in Cartago) will open a new plant with an investment of US$100 million dollars and will hire 1,000 more employees; Phillips (in Zona Franca Coyol, in Alajuela) also announced an expansion, as well as Precision Coating, which will install a plant, announced last May.


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