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Memories of Escazu, Photos From The Past

Hotel de mango, 1961

A look at Escazu from the past. From Escazunews.com, a series of photos of one of the earliest established cantons in the country, founded on December 7, 1848. Escazu lies west of the San José. Its whole territory is part of Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM).

The canton covers an area of 34.49 km² (13.31 square miles) and According to 2011 census data, its population is 56,509. The canton’s urban areas are home to 79.8% of its population. Children under the age of 10 account for 17.88% of the population, while 6.05% are over 65. According to a 2012 United Nations Development Program, Escazú ranks as the 4th highest canton in Costa Rica in so far as human development.


Entrance to Escazu 1934, Pablo Pochet

Escazú (the city), officially San Miguel de Escazú, is the capital city of the canton of Escazú. It is also the name of the district that includes the city, a subnational entity with 14,815 inhabitants.



Cruce San Rafael in the 1950s. Straight leads to Escazu Centro, to the right to Santa Ana. Pablo Pochet

The area is inhabited primarily by upper-mid to high-income families, and known in the Costa Rican collective consciousness as home to the country’s economic elite. Escazu is the wealthiest and most prominent city in the country catering to wealthy Americans and Europeans as well as wealthy locals.



Escazu, 1960. Pablo Pochet

Escazú is one of the most affluent places in Costa Rica, with many expensive restaurants and shops, and has some of the most exclusive shopping and dining venues in the country.


The Escazu church, 1938. Pablo Pochet

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