The world famous Platina bridge.
The world famous Platina bridge.

(TICO BULL) Costa Rica’s roads are world known, and the “Platina” bridge of the autopista General Cañas in particular, is the talk of Central America. And Mexico.

Costa Rica is the butt of jokes, both inside and outside of the country, when it comes to its inability to fix the Platina bridge, an ongoing project of more than five years, with millions of dollars (not colones) spent nd bridge over the Virilla river can be said is in worse shape today then when the 4 inch gap was first discovered in 2009. See #Platina

So it is no surprise to see this, on his official Facebook page, Mexico’s comedian Adal Ramones decided to take a poke of is own, proposing Costa Rica hire “El Chapo’s engineers” to once and forever fix the bridge.

adal-ramones-facebookMaybe the powers at the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes (MOPT) should take Ramones’ joking proposal seriously, maybe they can even ask El Chapo himself once he is in Costa Rica, given tha immigration authorities and the Attorney General believe that is a real possibility. See “Chapo” in Chepe?

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