Q24N (Prensa Latina) At the closure of the Fifth Forum on Marijuana Use, Mexican Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio said that President Enrique Pena Nieto would define an official position on this issue during the next days.

Important decision can be postponed, on the contrary, we have to design and implement a long-term system that allow us to face a specific situation.

Osorio argued by a policy that manages to reduce the illegal market, the power of organized crime and violence.

He added that the country should have the instruments to discourage consumption and provide care for those suffering from addiction.

We have to move from the persecution of consumers to the arrest of criminals, he said.

He said that problems linked to drug demand, production and trafficking are not the same and neither the tools to address them.

Osorio stressed the need to recognize that violence generated around marijuana has to do more to the production and trafficking aimed at high-demand countries than it does to the individual consumption in Mexico.

It is a complex issue that must be addressed responsible and long-term vision, he said.

This forum ended the national discussion emerged last November, after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the right of four people to grow and consume their own marijuana.

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