Photo OIJ
Photo OIJ

QCOSTARICA – Asking mom for money took a different twist this past week, when a 15 year-old decided, with two other youths, to fake her kidnapping to extort ¢2.5 million colones (US$4.700 dollars) from her mother.

On suspicion of extortion, the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) attested the trio in Heredia.

Apparently the young girl had conspired with two of her friends, a 19 year-old and 20 year-old to fake her kidnapping.

The story begins with the filing of a missing persons report on Tuesday, April 5, when the girl’s mother got concerned when her daughter did not come home.

The following day, that is on Wednesday, April 6, the mother received phone calls indicating her daugther had been kidnapped and demands of payment for her release.

Thanks to the surveillance and monitoring of OIJ officials, who determined the kidnapping was fictitious, they uncovered the relationship between the 19 year-old suspected kidnapper and the allegedly abducted 15 year-old girl.

OIJ officials arranged for the drop-off that same night (Wednesday) and made the arrests when suspected kidnappers arrived to pick up the money.

“When the arrest was made, it was confirmed that one of the suspects had a relationship with the minor,” said the OIJ press office.

Source: OIJ Facebook page

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