Though there was no contest for the 2017 Miss Costa Rica, Teletica, the owner of the Miss Costa Rica franchise on Tuesday confirmed there will be a show to select the 2018 Miss Costa Rica.

From Teletica, the 20 participants in the Miss Costa Rica 2018 casting call

But the response to the call hasn’t been all that what had been expected; at the Tuesday audition, only 20 girls attended the call to be Miss Costa Rica 2018.

Gabriela Alfaro, Teletica image manager and organizer of the beauty contest, told La Nacion’s Viva on Monday that more than 40 girls were invited to the preliminary session, corresponding to the number of registration forms they received during August.

Amid controversy that her rich boyfriend had bought her the crown, Elena Correa, was named by Teletica, owner of the Miss Costa Rica franchise and who did not hold a pageant, to represent Costa Rica at the Miss Universe.

Despite this, not all the girls arrived at the event, for the selection of the 10 candidates to the Miss Costa Rica 2018 pageant, in contrast to the several dozens of girls responding to the call in the 2016 event.

Thought Alfaro did not elaborate on the subject, the low turn out could be the controversy for the Miss Costa Rica 2017, when Teletica did not hold a casting or pageant, naming Elena Correa, the first finalist in 2016, as the 2017 Costa Rican beauty queen. The naming of Correa was surrounded by controversy that her boyfriend had bought her the Miss Costa Rica crown.

Hellen Morales

On Tuesday, the majority of the girls showing up for the casting were between 18 and 28 years of age, mainly from the provinces of San Jose, Puntarenas and Alajuela.

Natalia Carvajal

Natalia Carvajal, crowned in 2016 in Egypt as Miss Eco Universe; Hellen Morales, 2016 Miss Costa Rica candidate and Raquel Castro, Miss Summer 2016, were among the girls participating in the closed event at the Teletica Marco Picado Studio in La Sabana.

La Nacion’s Diana Mendez waited outside the Teletica studios to bring us photos of some of the girls arriving for the Miss Costa Rica 2018 casting call on Tuesday.

No dates have been announced to the Miss Costa Rica 2018 pageant.


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