CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS — There is an imperative need for Guatemala to table a clear strategic relationship with China, not only in terms of trade, but also fundamentally at the political level.

From the Publication entitled “Economic Policy, Trade and Investment by Guatemala in the PRC: strategy in the short, medium and long term” by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC):

“… China now threatens 47% of exports from Guatemala to the United States.”

“… The competition and the growing shift of exports from Guatemala to Central America – of enormous relevance considering that they not only accounted for 30.2% of total exports from Guatemala during 2001-2012 and with a medium and high technological level of its chapters which more than doubled the total exports by China, it is particularly relevant for the regional integration processes and the potential escalation of Guatemala’s productive apparatus.”

Source: Centralamericandata.com

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