In celebration of Mother’s Day, President Laura Chinchilla spoke to Amelia Rueda of her role as a mother and a woman.  Doña Laura said she would have liked a larger family, giving her only son, José María Rico Chinchilla, a sister.

The Presidenda recognizes that the decision to become a mother came late for her, at age 37, when at the same time she began her career in public service, first as Deputy Minister and then Minsiter of Security.

Doña Laura describes herself a mom “chineadora” and “apapachadora” (very loving and affectionate), but recognizes the time she shares with her son, at times, is less that she would like it to be.

She admits that many of the “traditional” roles of mother, in the case of care and housework, have been assumed by her husband José María Rico Cueto. She laments having missed her son’s 15 year celebration (a big deal in Costa Rica) in 2011, coinciding with “Black May”, when the Presidenta lost the reins of the Legislative Directory to the opposition alliance.

One of her proud moments as mother, she tells, is her son’s graduating with honours this year.

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