Hoy-alcohosensor-TICO BULL – I am not surprised at all by this news, given that the Ministerio de Obrtas Publicas y Tranportes (MOPT) appears to be run by a bunch of incompetents. Or maybe by people who don’t care anything but lining their…

A couple of weeks ago we learned that, to save money and maintain the integrity of drunk driver roadside tests, the Policia de Transito would be using saliva tests in lieu of blood tests. (The expensive blood tests would only be performed in the case a driver demanded it).

The saliva test program was to have started in August.

But, it appears we can keep the spit in our mouth for some time longer, given that the MOPT screwed, making a mistake in the drafting of the proposal bid.

According to deputy minister Sebastian Urbina, the mistake was in the wording. Urbina did not say how long the delay will be.

The MOPT announced on April 17 it would be buying 4.000 saliva test kits, with a shelf life of 2 years. Since each year the traffic police perform some 2.500 blood tests, the saliva kits should last a while.

So, while officials fix their blunder, us taxpayers will continue to dole out to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) for the blood tests, that can run over ¢38.000 (US$70) each.

This article originally appeared on Ticobull.com

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