The daily nightmare of the autopista General Canas in the area of the ‘platina’ bridge

Q COSTA RICA / Today and tomorrow are just a taste of what is to come, traffic wise that is, as the Ministry of Transport (MOPT) finalizes details to shut down the Alajuela – San Jose lanes of the “platina” bridge over the Virilla river on the autopista General Cañas for six weeks.

The lanes were closed this morning at 9:00am and will remain closed until 1:00pm. The same will be tomorrow.

Infograph by La Nacion of the reconstruction of a the ‘platina’ bridge, that once complete will end the traffic nightmare.

But, starting on Saturday January 21 and until March 7, the almost 100,000 vehicles that daily circulate the autopista will have to find an alternative to get to San Jose from Alajuela.

The Minister of Transport, Carlos Villalta, said on Wednesday the total closure is necessary to remove the existing portion of the bridge, to finalize the construction of the new.

The minister reminded us that the work that is currently being carried out is not a “fixing of the bridge, but a the building of a completely new bridge”.

Once completed, the bridge will go from four lanes to six lanes.

On Friday, the MOPT is expected to announce details of the measures to mitigate the traffic congestion that will cause the interruption of the traffic by the bridge for more than one month.

During the closure, unless the MOPT and central government come up with a new an innovate alternates, what many feel has become a nightmare, will get even worse.

Photos from La nacion

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