TODAY NICARAGUA NEWS – Although 53% of the population approves the construction of the canal, 55% know “little or nothing” of the mega project, that will cost US$50 billion dollars and scheduled to start construction later this year.

nicaragua-canalaThat is the result of the most recent poll by CID-Gallup, conducted between September 8 and 13.

The survey took in the response of 1.209 people across the country and over the age of 16. The results have 95% level of confidence, with  a 2.8 margin of error.

The results indicate that mainly men with a secondary education and party supporters have placed their hopes on the canal, that will span 278 kilometres from the Pacific to the Caribbean, of which 105 kilometres will traverse Lake Nicaragua.

Asked what they knew about the canal, 42% of those survey said “very much or somewhat”, 55% said “little or nothing” and 3% did not know what to answer.

Of the 42% that know a lot about the project said they are certain that the project will move forward and China’s HKND will build it. More than half of this group, 53%, said they were in agreement with the government’s plan to hand over the canal project to the Chinese, while 35% are not and 12% did not answer.

The CID-Gallup survey also touched on insecurity in the country.

The perception is that insecurity has increased in the last several months, with the highest increase in reported crimes outside the capital city of Managua. The group that feels the most insecure are women and those over the age of 40, and with low income.

In any case, the perception of insecurity in Managua is still significantly lowe than that recorded in 2008. CID-Gallup indicates that in 2008, 65% of the population perceived an increase in crime, while the latest survey indicates only 49% have the same opinion.

Article first appeared on Today Nicaragua, reposted with permission

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