COSTA RICA BUSINESS NEWS — A survey of business by the Chamber of Private Enterprise found that 61% of companies in the country did not expect to hire new permanent employees for next year. However, it is hard to predict the future in a free market but it does demonstrate a cautious outlook for next year.

Washing Freshly Picked Bananas At A Banana Factory In Costa RicaChamber president Ronald Jimenez blamed the negative outlook for increased payroll on high electricity costs, fuel prices, higher salaries and just general higher production costs. The 34% that intend to hire mostly are looking for unskilled and technical kinds of employees.

Jimenez told La Nacion, “The sector is losing confidence. We can say that they are continuing to be pessimistic and we have to point out that without additional investment, it is impossible to create new jobs.” The survey polled 400 businessmen.

The report lends greater weight to congressional critics of President Solis’s national budget for 2015 in the expectation of contraction of the economy. It also underscores the need to review the customary free hand given to the national electric monopoly, ICE.


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