Isabelle Páramo Hernández is facing the most painful period of her 58 years, the death of her son.

Isabelle Páramo, de 58 años, es la madre del nicaragüense Omar de Jesús Jirón Romero, quien murió tras ser atacado por cocodrilos. Ella, oriunda de Rivas, Nicaragua, vivía junto con su hijo en Los Cuadros, de Goicoechea. Tiene otros cuatro hijos, de 21, 33, 36 y 38 años. Foto: Jonathan Jiménez
Isabelle Páramo, mother of Omar de Jesús Jirón Romero, who went for a swim with the crocodiles.  Foto: Jonathan Jiménez/ LA NACION

Doña Isabelle is the mother of Omar de Jesús Jirón Romero who was attacked by a group of crocodiles when, in a drunken stuper decided to a swim in an area of the Tarcoles river that is infested with the crocs.

“My suffering is greater than the will to live. I feel lonely, devastated: my son (32 years old) is all to me and he is gone”, Doña Isabelle told La Nacion in a interview form her home in San Pedro de Coronado (San José), where she lives with her daughter.

Doña Isabelle said her son began drinking about ten years ago, getting heavier about five years back when his wife left him and getting worse as his ex-wife would not let him visit his two children, 8 and 9.

Omar de Jesús Jirón Romero
Omar de Jesús Jirón Romero

“He was depressed. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t let him see my two grandchildren; he was good father”, said Doña Isabelle.

The distraught mother says she last saw her son during Easter. She was heartbroken seeing him depressed over the situation with his children.

Jirón was last working on a construction site of the new clinic in Parrita, Puntarenas, south of Jacó beach. Each weekend he would travel to San José to see is mother. On the last weekend in April, Jirón had been drinking heavily while riding the bus on his way to see his mother, when he and a fellow worker were thrown off the bus, near the Tarcoles river.

It was here, an area well known to locals and tourists for the crocodiles, when he decided to go for a swim. His body, what was left of it, was found down river. Witnesses say they saw the crocs do what crocs do, but there was nothing to for him other than to call the authorities.

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