In a sense, Sara Ortiz Esquivel is a typical mother and grandmother in Costa Rica. She is sweet and kind to her six children, who have given her 15 grandchildren. She has experienced some hard moments in her life, but yesterday was particularly challenging.


Over the last 22 years, Mrs. Ortiz has dedicated her life to protecting life and property in Costa Rica. She is a member of Fuerza Publica, Costa Rica’s national police force. She was on the beat yesterday when she responded to a citizen’s report of a truck being suspiciously pursued by a sports utility vehicle. Officer Ortiz arrived on scene and was met by insults and a hail of gunfire.

The shooter was a man in his mid-20s, who was accompanied by his brother and a semiautomatic pistol with two magazines (weapon pictured in this article). Despite the shots, Officer Ortiz rushed to the assistance of the truck driver and called for backup. In the meantime, she was able to detain the suspects as they reloaded.

According to an official press release by Fuerza Publica, up to eleven shots were counted –many were stuck in the walls of the homes in the community where the events unfolded, Calle Fallas in Desamparados, which is near the southern suburbs of Costa Rica’s capital city.

Interviewed by Fuerza Publica’s public affairs personnel, Officer Ortiz was still under the spell of adrenaline when she explained:

“I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow! I salute all police women and moms and I hope they keep proving that we can make Costa Rica a better place!”

Officer Ortiz is also the coordinator of Pinta Seguro, a Fuerza Publica outreach program that focuses on getting children interested in drawing and painting. The suspects were taken to the in flagrante delicto prosecutorial division, which means they will be subject to speedy trial proceedings.

Source: Fuerza Pública, Costa Rica Star

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