Officials of Grupo Roble, the owners of Multiplaza Escazú, announced today that outdoor parking it will cost ¢500 colones per hour, with the first 60 minutes free, starting September 1.

Manger of Parking for Grupo Roble, Mario Gonzalez, said the charge for parking is to discourage visitors that are not customers of the commercial centre and allow a more secure environment for patrons.

The mall has 2.600 parkig spaces that will be overseen by 1.000 cameras that have been already installed, with the ability for plate recognition.

Gonzalez added that the mall will provide two hours of free parking after 8pm and for patrons of the cinemas they will have three hours of free parking.

Payments for parking can be made at any of the 24 points in the mall and at ATMs. The malls payment collector machines accept notes and coins, as well as credit and debit cards. There will also be staff in attendance to help customers make the payment.

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