(Q24N) Several self-proclaimed paranormal researchers allege they have discovered proof of aliens near the city of Nazca in Peru, the Daily Mail reported.

Mannequins stand over a plaster-cast model of an alien. | Photo: EFE

The researchers say they found a three-fingered “mummified humanoid” with an elongated skull. The body is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a body structure similar to humans. It was found covered in white power, which the researchers claim helped to preserve the remains.

Some observers, aware that researchers who discovered the humanoid have been linked to several high-profile UFO hoaxes, have called the skeleton a plaster-cast model.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, one of the researchers involved in the find and a professor at Saint Petersburg University, claimed that the physical characteristics of the body do not present a human deformity but “another creature, another humanoid.”

The Daily Mail reported that another member of the research team in Peru was Jamie Maussan, an ex-investigative journalist known for his UFO hoax extravaganzas.

Two years ago, he claimed to have recovered photographic slides showing an alien at the scene of the Roswell, New Mexico flying saucer crash of 1947 and charged US$20 at a conference held in Mexico for people to view a livestream of the images.

It was soon revealed that the alien images were in fact pictures of a mummy in a museum exhibition.

Carbon dating samples of the mummy, which have not been verified by anybody else except the researchers involved in the find, date the humanoid between the years 245 and 410 A.D.

While anthropologist and Ancient Origins website writer Alicia McDermott noted that people should “keep an open mind yet stay apprehensive” about the find, leading UFO expert Nigel Watson said the mummy “seems to be a plaster-cast over a bone structure with three fingers attached to the hands.”

He emphasized that “such hoaxes are the product of wishful thinking mixed with greed and a lust for publicity.”

“The more exotic the claim,” he added, “the more viewers they generate, and so we get ever more bizarre ‘revelations’ about alien corpses, flying saucer wreckage and messages from our alien masters.”

Referring to Maussan, Watson concluded that “he has cried wolf too often to ever be taken seriously by anyone with at least one functioning brain cell.”

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