The house where a man, identified by his last name Carpio, suspect in the killing of 15-year-old Jesus Mora, lived was burned down by residents who didn’t want him near them.

Residents say the suspect lived in an abandoned house owned by a family member, to get high, cook and sleep, in Calles Los Mora, in La Herediana de Siquirres, in the province of Limon.

“We buried my son on Thursday. When we returned, we realized that they had set fire to his house, we did not know who (did it), the neighbors what they are saying is that they do not want to see him anymore,” said Rafael Mora, Jesus’ father.

The concern of Don Rafael and his family, as it appears his neighbors also, is that Carpio will return to inflict more pain and sadness to their community.

“I have to sleep with the light on because I am afraid, Jesus was a boy loved by all, we are afraid that this man will return, he is not crazy because a crazy person does not plan something so cruel,” said a neighbor named Mora.

The neighbors say that they will not lower their guard, although they hope that justice will not forgive this murder and there will be a sentence.

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