COSTA RICA NEWS – The government of Nepal has started the diplomatic process to repatriate Nepalese migrant workers detained in Costa Rica on suspicion of being smuggled to the United States.

A group of Nepalese detained near Jacó. Photo Ministerio de Seguridad Publica (MSP)

The Foreign Ministry said that its Honorary Consul in Costa Rica had been in contact with the detained Nepalis.

Costa Rica immigration police detained five Nepali workers near Jacó on September 5. Two days later. 27 others were detaiend in Paso Canoas, near the Panama border. The group of Nepalis were traveling in Cost RICA without proper legal document.

Authorities beleive the Nepalis were being led a human smugglers, using Costa Rica as a transit point north from Panama to Nicaragua, with a final destination point of the United States.

The Nepali embassy in Washington DC will be facilitating the worker’s repatriation,

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