Netflix, buried within the earnings details, has revealed two announcements that have been a long time coming: it’s raising prices for new customers, and it is (after years of rumours) going to offer service on cable-provided DVRs in the US soon.

The price hike later this quarter will be for new members only and “depending on the country“, while current subscribers will be grandfathered in at their current rates “for a generous time period.”

Currently, in Costa Rica the price is under ¢5.000 colones (US$7.99) monthly.

The big question for Netflix? Now at 48 million customers strong (37.5 million in the US), can it push through a price hike without the customer losses it experienced the last time it changed pricing?

In January it increased prices in Ireland by one euro per month and grandfathered current customers in at their existing price for two years, and says it saw “limited impact” as a result. Netflix executives will take investor’s questions live on YouTube in just a few minutes, watch here or check after the break for any interesting details.

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