QCOSTARICA – If you are someone who enjoys a great cup of coffee, you might consider the book that reveals the secret ingreddients that have made Costa Rica coffee among the best in the world

Cafe-con-secrets-VOLUMEN-PEQThe Instituto Costarricense del Café  (Icafe) – Costa Rican Coffee Institute an the Ojalá Ediciones offers a collection of recipes on how to prepare dishes made with coffee.

The first eition of the “Café de Costa Rica, El Espíritu de una Nación”  (Café de Costa Rica – The Spirit of a Nation) portrayed the history of Costa Rican coffee and how its influence has shaped this nation and its people.

In this second edition, it inclues a practical guide to extract the aromas and flavours and seven coffee recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks created by Costa Rican chedd Camille Ratton.

The “El Espíritu de una Nación”, is a 220 page book with text in Spanish and English.

The book sells for ¢25.000 colones and is available at the Librería Internacional stores (and online), Café Britt stores, Librería Lehmann, Universal, Auto Mercado, La Traviata (Teatro Nacional store) and El Kiosco San José.

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