On Monday, president-elect Luis Guillermo Solís announced his first group of cabinet ministers and heads of public institutions, that will take office on May 8.

One of the conditions, “Luisgui” (pronounced close to lewisky, the nickname for the incoming president), said that each must be accountable for their actions and each year provide a public report.

Each minister and head of institutions like ICE, INS and AyA, for example, must submit a work report to be released and disseminated to the different sectors for observations and recommendations. Luisgui said he has not worked out the details, if the report will be handed to or be presented personally the Legislative Assembly, or other method.

Besides the reporting requirement, each incoming minister will have to sign the Code of Ethics of the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC), that includes a commitment to being frugal with state resources and refrain from using priviliges of the public sector.

The named members of his cabinet have to attest that they have no court cases pending, they and their business interests are paid up with the CCSS (social security), the Ministry of Finance (taxes) and other public institutions.

Solís, in a news conference in the auditorium of the Museo de los Niños (Chidlren’s Museum) said that the holiday period has made it difficult to contact all his choices of cabinet, and that some have asked for more time to consider the offer, and as such will be announcing the rest of this cabinet on Monday, April 28.

The president-elect said that the task of forming his team has been hard because he had to choose between several capable people for each post, but denied that some have turned him down and the question of salary being an obstacle.

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