It’s been six weeks since the new ‘paqruimetros’- electronic parking meters – went into use in San José. And already 38 complaints by drivers have been filed with Municipalidad de San José, despite assurances by city officials that only two of the 60 meters are with problems.

Marcelo Solano, chief of the Policía Municipal de San José (metrotopolitan police), the one of the meters is located near the hospital Calderón Guardia and the other by the Corte Suprema de Justicia.

However, users continue to file complaints, the most common problem is the meter deducting the amount from the registered bank account, but failing to provide the time on the meter.

As a result drivers are getting ticketed.

Solano admitted that several drivers have received fines even though they had paid for the time on the meter.

The only solution the police official can provide for now is the affected file a complaint at the Oficina de Control Vial, located by the Mercado Central in downtown San José or call 800 800 7275.

Numbers provided by the city is that so far a total 43.000 users have used the new meters.

The meters were installed by a Canadian company. They went into effect on May 1, replacing the paper ticket system for all street public spots in San José.

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